Relationship Challenge Update I

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Relationship Challenge

Some weeks ago, I talked about my relationship challenge, if you missed it you can view it HERE. The aim of this challenge was to build communication with my boyfriend; I don’t even know if I should call him that or partner because he’s actually more than a boyfriend.

The past few weeks have actually been very annoying, we have fought more than ever and it actually put a strain in the relationship. When we started dating everything was rosy, I was at home, had all the time on my hands and no stress. We used to talk for long hours over the phone, see every weekend, send pictures to each other, it was just really cool.

After the Christmas holiday, I got back to Lagos, school work set in and everything just changed. The long hours turned to 5 mins, I hardly sent pictures, was always tired after class. There were a lot of challenges with my resumption and I basically just got too busy for him. When the fights had gone on for too long, I just knew I had to do something because I didn’t want my past mistakes to occur again. Things are actually changing but before I lose focus, this post is about my relationship update, I’ll talk about the relationship challenges and how I’m working on them in another post. It’ll be a kind of follow up post to my the thing about break ups

Now the relationship challenge update…

The challenge has not been going at the pace I want it to, I’ll blame it on the accommodation issues in school and the constant fights. I believe it’s going to change since all that is kind of sorted. Now here we go………

2) Work on an art project together.

We chose photography as our art project because it’s something we are both interested in. We were actually going to do a photo journal and create a story with pictures but there was a little hiccup with my camera purchase. In the meantime, he decided to do some testing and practice with my phone. He has a good eye for shots and he helped with the vsco editing. Funny how I was very shy when I’m a camera whore. It was a beautiful process; I had no make-up on and the way he appreciated me in my natural state and took his time to take the pictures just made me feel special. When we eventually do the photo journal, I’ll definitely share it here.

11) Do something illegal

I really want to share this but I don’t know if a police officer is reading my blog right now. Life is too short to have a boring relationship, once in a while get that adrenaline rushing, its key. Now this is a legit advice to others in relationships reading this post. Usually when people start dating, it’s all fun and full of excitement. But after a while when they have “shown their real face” everything changes. Thing is it doesn’t have to change, don’t stop what you were doing, keep the excitement going. (please don’t do anything illegal *tongue out*)

12) Watch Harry Potter Series in one day

Why didn’t someone tell me Harry potter is loooonnnggg. We couldn’t watch it one day though, I think we finished it in three days. When we started it we actually fought; apparently he had seen everything already and was busy working on his laptop. I got upset he wasn’t cuddling up but pizza and chicken wings appeased me. Wow, I love Harry potter!!!! Was so excited to see on the news that there’s going to be an 8th book this year, God knows how long it would take them to make a movie; for now, the book would do.

16) Pray and fast for 1 week

This was actually very worthwhile. We started off being thankful for the year, our relationship and committing it into Gods hands. After this, the fighting actually reduced and I could see Gods hand in our lives. It’s amazing to be with someone that shares the same belief with you and is always there to support and push you when you start derailing. I love the way he loves God and always puts God first in the relationship, let’s all look up to God.

26) Cook and eat together

He cannot cook to save his life loool but he’s very helpful in the kitchen. His washing pepper skills is 100!! Cooking with him was actually fun he basically did everything, the big deal in cooking is the preparation. Asides from eating the food he was good company. We have actually been doing this a lot now and the part where he serves me like a queen ohhh bliss.

28) Work on home décor

Like I said in the last post, the décor would be in his house. We started by changing the sheets, I picked them out obviously, my taste is just too good * flicks hair*. I re-arranged the furniture and he just sat there laughing at me, in his defense it was a good sight. In my head I imagined us painting the room together just like the movies but nope we just had to get a painter. I wanted a more colourful room but nope, someone is just too stubborn and went with white. Ummm we were going to change the curtain but he’s relocating in April and wouldn’t really enjoy it. This was a stressful process but still as fun as the others.

32) Fart fart and laugh

Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahha, he calls it the Tonye Challenge. Ever since I got comfortable it has become a way of life. I don’t even give warning I just drop the bomb. This one challenge I know he doesn’t like but oh well, it’s not my fault.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, it brought back the memories. I’m sorry I don’t have a lot of pictures to post in this update, I’ll try to include more next time. anyone inspired to do a relationship challenge? I appreciate your comments please I want to know what you think.


35 thoughts on “Relationship Challenge Update I

  1. Aaaaaww… This is a really sweet post.. I was smiling as I read this.
    A relationship challenge is a really great way to re ignite the spark in a relationship.
    I love the pictures too!.
    And yes, I am inspired to do a relationship challenge..
    Can’t wait for update 2 already.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awwnn..This is really sweet. Trust me I had similar challenges in mine as well but this time, he was the one too busy because work took him out of Lagos. Now that he’s back, he’s a lot busier and we are still trying to make efforts to spend time together. From what you mentioned you and bae’s connection is photography and you’re both started project soon, I’d say our connection is with fitness and my natural hair. What do you suggest we do to rekindle our spark as regards to fitness and natural hair. I’d love to hear form you.

    Coily Head of Hair

    1. *puts thinking cap on*. Hmm fitness. I suggest you do a fitness challenge together. Something that will require you two checking in for updates. For instance I assume he like to jog or something or maybe brisk walk. Do a challenge of …km per week or day. Who beats who? Something like that. Work your wash days around his free time. Water is always fun and leads to exciting things lol. Work out together, you can even skype while doing it. I’ll think of more and get back to you.

  3. Just the post i have been waiting for, I’m so glad that despite your busy schedule you still squeezed out time to focus on your relationship challenge, i love the pictures especially the art project ones, proud of you gal ❤❤
    This is definitely #Relationshipgoals for me.

  4. Lool! Aww really sweet. It’s really nice that you making efforts in keeping your relationship and making it work tho. It’s really nice. I go love too oooo

  5. Interesting how all those who commented are females…. Except me, apparently. Guess that has made my point

    Interesting Read, you seem like you are one hell of an annoying girlfriend but kudos for putting effort and making it work unlike…… Them

    Have a Great relationship, Candles in the sun.

  6. This was interesting to read as im a sucker for love. My relationship is just a year old and its still very rosy (even if he is in abroad atm for his masters) but somehow we are still making it work thank God for phone cameras, pictures and videos. trust that once there is a challenge first thing we are doing is the fasting and prayin for one week lol.

    1. Lol. I’m glad it’s rosy now. I can’t promise it would be rosy forever. Just know how to handle any issue when it comes and move past it. Never forget why you fell in love in the first place. Glad you liked my piece ?

  7. This was a really good read?? it just puts you in the Lovey Dovey mood, and yeah there’s nothing like a man who fears God? welldone!

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