My 2016 Relationship Challenge

Life is too short to have a boring and failed relationship.

I’ve come to understand that love and trust are not the only key things in a relationship; communication is just as important but often ignored. I came up with the idea to have a relationship challenge for my partner and I, this would help us build our communication.

I thought of doing this on my own, but then we are in this together so I called him. Funny how this process made me realize that we want the same things and think alike; even though he had some silly ideas I’m sure you don’t want to hear.

I was a bit confused as to the time frame, maybe a 30 day challenge or a weekly challenge. After coming up with the list I just decided to make it “Our 2016 Relationship Challenge”. I did this considering the fact that we don’t live together, I have my schooling and leadership responsibilities and he has his own time consuming work.

Our 2016 relationship challenge

  1. Make a vision board together
  2. Work on an art project together
  3. Try each other’s hobby
  4. Try a new hobby together
  5. Do something spontaneous
  6. Play under the rain
  7. Let our imaginations run wild together (maybe just go somewhere, study people or animals and make up stories)
  8. Go to the spa together
  9. Spend a whole day at a regular cinema and do a review of the movies later
  10. Go to an exclusive cinema
  11. Do something illegal
  12. Watch Harry Potter series in one day
  13. Pick a book, read it and review together
  14. Write a blog post together
  15. Study a book of the Bible today
  16. Pray and fast for 1 week
  17. Jog together
  18. Go on a proper date (with tuxedos and gown shiii)
  19. Assemble or build something together (maybe a furniture)
  20. Leave the world for a day, turn off phones, and keep the computer away. (this is going to be really hard)
  21. Play video games together at least twice a month
  22. Stay together quietly, get comfortable in our own silence
  23. Snuggle all day
  24. Go on a road trip
  25. Work on a jigsaw puzzle or any other kind of puzzle
  26. Cook together, sit and eat
  27. Write notes to each other for 30 days. (ummm, we might just send messages as we don’t live together)
  28. Work on the home décor together (definitely his house)
  29. Go to a beach and just have fun
  30. Read bedtime stories to each other
  31. Work on each other’s budget
  32. Fart fart fart and laugh
  33. Wear white tee shirts and paint on each other’s body
  34. Take a lesson together (maybe Photoshop or a French class)
  35. Teach each other one new thing
  36. Create a dish from both our favorite foods
  37. Make each other a mix tape of our favorite songs
  38. Learn a classic duet and record in a studio
  39. Style each other for a week
  40. Go to a resort together
  41. Make a handmade gift for each other
  42. Karaoke
  43. Visit 10 orphanages
  44. Visit an old peoples home
  45. Write eulogies for each other ( blame it on The fault in our stars)


I’d love you all to follow my journey, so every month I’ll be posting with pictures the activities we did and striking them out. Legoooooo


Which of these would you like to try with your partner? Are there any other fun activities’ you would like to try? Please share your tips on how to improve communication in a relationship. Would love to hear from you.


The Black Writer

24 thoughts on “My 2016 Relationship Challenge

  1. I really love this!.. I’ll definitely try it when I get Thanks T.T am really learning a lot from u. Just thought I should check out ur blog and its so cool.?

  2. Been a while on this blog
    I rotate alotta blogs these days
    Yours is pretty entertaining
    Wow, can’t believe you are in another relationship or made up [taking cues from previous posts]
    Seems like fun…… The list
    Would want to read the “join post” lemme see how that works
    And how y’all will play under the rain, knowing how spontaneous lagos weather is

      1. Sure, you have a lot on your plate.
        Life – School – Family – Relationship – Blog [challenges update + with a girl 2 & 3 + why the name “black writer” posts + other ideas you have + other ideas have burdened you with also]

        To make your life worst. I stayed all night reading literature of “how to text people/ladies” read like 4 books. So am coverting it to naija setting in my head. That’s an idea for you. “How to Text a girl” or “How to text your Crush”


  3. Yeah,
    Am one of a kind with one of a kind ideas
    I know already
    Seems the followed is joining the followership
    How poetic

  4. Yeah, it’s part of my job description
    Excite the soul before you reap it out
    Glad am good at my job

    Have a great day

  5. This is really cool and inspiring! It’s definitely a great way to spark things up! By the way did I mention? I saw you on Wednesday or so in front of the faculty, you were crossing the road with a couldn’t come to meet you, I was in a cab.

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