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Rivers State, The treasure base of the Nation.

I was born in Port Harcourt; nursery, primary and secondary school all in PHC. I moved to Lagos when it was time for uni, Proud University of Lagos Alumnus.  So it’s kinda ok to call me a Port Harcourt Girl and a Lagos Girl, best of both worlds hehe hehe hehe

I came back home for Christmas last year and it was amazing, it’s safe to say I explored PHC. Anyways I’m back for a few days, I want to spend my birthday in PHC this year ( April 2nd) because it’s been really long I did that. The plan is to spend time with my family and hang out later with the few friends I still have here. I’m open to suggestions. I have just a few more days before I’m back in Lagos and I hope to visit more places.

So here’s my throwback from Christmas.

Sweet Tooth


It’s located in GRA, opposite Genesis deluxe cinema, serves amazing gelato, frozen yogurt, candy, fruit cakes etc. kinda reminded me of Lagos. I had my first bloggers event here, The PHC bloggers Meet Up, read more about it HERE

Yogur Berry

It’s in GRA too, I can’t remember the street address. They serve frozen yogurt too but it’s not self-service like the stores I’m used to in Lagos.

Kode 9


It’s along Mummy B road, off Stadium road. I like this place but the problem with Port Harcourt is that if it’s not GRA then it’s not good, very weird people here I tell you. It doesn’t get as much traffic as places in GRA which sucks. I Personally like the aesthetics and the food is fair, Its even got a Karaoke bar.

Vine Yard fruit Juice Bar

Now, this is one place I visited almost daily, at some point they started giving me “Jara.” The smoothies are amazing, totally amazing. It’s located in Vineyard mall on Woji Road GRA.




Also located in GRA, I told you everything is in GRA. The food here was so good, and the lemonade so refreshing; I can’t wait to go back, craving the fisherman stew.


This is a town in Rivers State, I went to watch masquerades dance with some friends, it was fun until one of them flogged me.

Serene Spa

I always wax because I have really sensitive skin, the blades irritate my skin. I tried serene spa’s waxing and it was perfect. It was less painful than previous wax sessions I’ve had and long-lasting results. And yes! It’s in GRA too



As a foodie, trust me to find good food. Jevinik offers you a serene environment and good food, the food is definitely worth the money. It’s in GRA too, I told you all the good places are there which is kinda sad. Fun things begin and end in GRA, what a life!

The Office

I had the most delicious Chicken curry sauce here, although the staff service there is really poor. They waste time with the food and look down on customers. I’m not much of a serious dresser so they automatically assumed I was poor and started going over the prices again with me, I honestly felt really insulted but oh well I enjoyed the meal.

Have you ever been to Port Harcourt? Do you live here? Please share more nice places I can go to, thank you. I want to hang out on my birthday so I kinda really need your suggestions, Thank you lovelies.

*Disclaimer: This post was not compensated by any of the establishments listed above. I visited these places on my own terms and all opinions and pictures in this post are mine. Port Harcourt is the capital of Rivers State and you can read all about it HERE

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Tonye Igbanireply
March 30, 2017 at 9:01 pm

“My first blogger meet up” here I was thinking it was a partnership.
There are a few places on the list that I’m yet to visit…. I’d fix that on my next trip to Port Harcourt.

April 10, 2017 at 9:08 pm
– In reply to: Tonye Igbani

hahahahah, didn’t mean it that way johr! carry me with yu oh

March 31, 2017 at 4:45 am

Great post! I just moved to port harcourt and my excuse for being indoors all the time is not knowing places. Now I have to start exploring!! ☺️☺️

April 10, 2017 at 9:10 pm
– In reply to: Ishioma

Yaaaay, welcome to the treasure base of the nation. yes oh, start exploring It’s not a bad place.

April 3, 2017 at 8:49 pm

Happy belated birthday dear.
Seeing this post late. Would have suggested Red Coral Restaurant , at the Dome on Odili Road. It’s not in GRA and it’s pretty cool. Good food, cool environment ,nice service.
I also dislike how most places are in GRA..

April 10, 2017 at 9:11 pm
– In reply to: Tamie

thank you dear, Like!!!!!! Port Harcourt begins and ends in GrA; I’ll try it when next i go back. Thank you sweetie

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