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  • Personal Style|| White Fray and Greens

    Hey, Guys! I posted my mid-year bucket list, where I listed all the things I wanted to do before the end of the year and I finally crossed out one.

  • Beach Day Facial Routine

    Hey guys, how’s everyone been doing? The Lagos Sun has been terribly hot, I can’t even remember the last time I had make up on. I’m so excited, about to go for Waves by Socialiga. its a boat cruise/ beach house party and a way to relieve all the school pressure and tension. With all this sun and heat I decided not to wear heavy make up because I sweat a lot, more than…

  • New Year Slay!!

    Growing up I believed that whatever I do on the first day of the year would somehow affect the rest of the year. I would take a shower early, be nice, try to have fun and eat well. As time went by I realized it was just a funny myth; my mother just used that to make sure I was on good behavior.

  • Lagos Bloggers Brunch X Saints Care Charity Cup

      *Dancing Shoki* I’m really excited about tomorrow, sad thing I have to split myself. The Lagos Bloggers Brunch is a meet and greet event hosted by one of my role models Dee Mako of deemako.com. when I started blogging I used to look up to her, I still do actually ; so this is a big deal for me, lol. The Saints Care Charity Cup is a Christmas event for orphans.…