My 4 Step Content Creation Process ||

My 4 Step Content Creation Process

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Everything in life has a process that occurs before results are seen. Think about it, from the quotidian tasks like preparing meals, getting ready for work, doing laundry to the bigger tasks like starting a business, blog or even building a house.


There’s always a process to everything. Processes are important because they make or mar the end results. Processes teach you lessons, help you grow and even make achieving the end results more fulfilling because it is in them that most times we find the purpose and truly understand things.


As a content creator, I have a process which I follow. In as much as I am a creative person and a lot of time the ideas come to me on the go, I have processes that guide me.


I’ve had the opportunity to work, speak and mingle with other content creators, bloggers and creative and just a few of them had a working well-planned process.


Now truth is, even if you don’t pay attention to a process or create one, you are subconsciously operating to one. So if that’s the case why not make it intentional.


My 4 Step Content Creation Process ||


Okay, I’ve been on and on about this content creation process. Before we move on, let me explain what it is.


Content creation is simply creating, making or producing topics, ideas, visuals that will appeal to your target audience and tell the story you want them to hear. The content creation process is that method or procedure we go through while generating these ideas and seeking ways to tell our stories. It’s deciding how you want to tell this story and through what medium.


You may probably be wondering why I think this is important. Content has become part of our everyday life. We eat, sleep and breathe content. So, in my opinion, if this has become such a great part of our culture, the best way to build the right audience and flourish is to be intentional about what you create.


As bloggers and creatives, content is our lifeline because we can only build our brands and audience based on what we put out. Initially, when I started blogging, I had no process. All I wanted to do was to be heard, to put my voice out there and just talk. Oh well, everything was okay but then as I grew and began to realize things, and thus, developed a process. There was a rapid change I tell you.


As content creators, I feel we should all have a process and that is why I decided to share this. In this post, I’ll be taking you through the steps of how I built my process and the actual thing.


My 4 Step Content Creation Process ||


First Things First || The Content Blueprint


The same way there’s a process to everything, there’s also a blueprint. You can’t build a house without foundation plans, you can’t sew a dress without cutting out patterns, this list could go on and on. As content creators, our blueprint involves knowing our who and our why. These two are so important as they will set the pace for every other thing. When you understand these two concepts, you know what type of content to create, what tone to use, what medium and a whole lot of others.


The Importance Of Knowing Your Who and Why as a Content Creator


Before you choose to start creating content, like my grams Amin of Everything Na Art will say or rather ask, Do you know your why and your who?


The ‘why’ answers the question to “why do I want to do this?”, “why do I want to be involved in this sphere or industry?”. Is your reason for creating content or blogging to have fun, make money, stalk, show your best life, provide a solution? Whatever the reason is, you should know it and it should be clear. Because the clearer it is to you, the clearer and more focused your content will be. I find this ‘why’ question very key as it defines everything that comes after. It gives you direction and acts as a guide. This ‘why’ in most cases, is what keeps you going.


The ‘who’ defines who you are talking to, that is, your target audience. Who do you want to hear from you? Other creatives, young mums, fathers, startups? I’m guessing you can already see how the answers to these questions already set the pace for everything.


My 4 Step Content Creation Process ||


Second Thing || Let’s Strategize and Plan The Content


Now that you know your who and why, you need to decide what kind of content is in line and considering the interests of your who, what kind of content will they engage with. For this, you need to know the different kinds of content that are out there. Ps. In as much as you want to create content your target audience will enjoy, you have to enjoy creating it and it has to be easy for you. There are different types and forms of content. Videos, infographics, etc. There are also a variety of distribution channels. At this point, I will say Google is your friend, do some actual work and figure out what is best for you and your brand.


Third Thing || Content Brainstorming


I am a lifestyle content creator and at the moment I use just three (3) mediums actively – Instagram, Facebook, and my Blog. My brainstorming style may be quite different from the norm and that is because of my own personal motive behind creating. As a Christian, I try to infuse my faith into everything I create and a lot of times, things I post are inspired by my faith. Ps. I’ll include links to my best articles that talk about the content creation process. They are so helpful.


In this brainstorming process, I usually work with the forms of content I already identified in the second stage of my process. So, I come up with topics I want to address or share my opinions on, then I think of the best kind of image or visuals that will best portray and translate my thoughts, then I create. You’ll always find me doing a lot of research and looking for the best ways to do this, knowledge is a major key.


My 4 Step Content Creation Process ||


Fourth Thing || Content Creation Plan and Schedule


With all these said and done, you need to plan and schedule the content for better organization. How often do you plan to put out content? Do you have specific days? Ask questions like these and create a plan that you can work with. Try not to set plans that will be hard to achieve, realistic is the keyword.


I use apps like UNUM, Planoly, etc to help schedule my posts. Other apps like Later, Buffer, even offer better services.


This is my simple content creation plan that has been working for me. It’s pretty easy and should work for you too, especially if you are a lifestyle content creator.


Here are some links to some of my favourite blogs who addressed this topic. These posts are more detailed than mine and will probably answer more questions.


The Ultimate guide to content creation

How to plan a content creation process


Thank you for reading my post 🙂 It means a lot to me.


My 4 Step Content Creation Process ||


*Disclaimer: The content process I explained in this post is my process. I developed this process over time and it has worked for my content style. The thoughts are entirely mine and not culled from any other web page. The Images used in this post were shot by @stuffedbox

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So glad, you are getting out of it. I’ll definitely check it out.

Elizabeth Adewalereply
June 6, 2019 at 3:02 pm

Thank you for putting this out there. As a newbie into the world of ‘content creation’, I find the concept of identifying my “why” and “who” very important. Knowing this makes it a lot easier. Thank you🧡

June 6, 2019 at 6:42 pm
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Thank you for sharing your knowledge. This process is simple and SMART. Love you. *can’t find the emojis on my keyboard*

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June 18, 2019 at 5:45 pm

so glad you posted this, I’ve been a bit busy with exams but I’ve been planning on starting a blog to create content for students, architects in Nigeria… thank you so much Tonye

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You’re welcome. Glad I could be of help

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