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  1. Hi, the black writer, I recently started blogging and i love how your blog looks and your concepts. I’ll really appreciate a few tips from you. Please lets talk via instagram dms, my handle is @mz_nonye. Looking forward to this chat.

  2. Please follow cause I’ll really love a personal chat with you. That’s if you don’t. I promise I’m not a

  3. Is it just the most recent posts into UNUM that can be dragged and dropped? I want to move around all of my posts, but am not able to drag and drop in UNUM. Is this true?

    1. you can’t drag and drop already posted pictures on IG, they are fixed. Unum allows you to move just the new pictures you want to arrange on the grid. you should try this app “The Grid” it’s not connected to Instagram, you can just curate a feed there too.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog

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