Blogger Rants|| Blog-o-lutions!

I have no idea how I come up with these names. I have been blogging for two years now and trust me, it’s actually been a struggle. Sometimes I get really lazy or just fall out of line, other times I’m just involved in other things that take up my time; and because I’m not […]

PHC Bloggers x Creatives Hang Out Recap!

From sliding into each other’s comments, we decided to plan a hangout and called it The Port Harcourt City Bloggers and Creatives Hang Out and to tell the truth, it was so much fun! ?This is something we plan to do more often and even on a larger scale, as you know building blogger friendships […]

UNUM || My Go-To Instagram App

Hey, there TBW Readers! Hey, There guys! Yo! *Still trying to decide on my opening catch phrase, please help me out – insert crying smiley – just leave suggestions in the comment section below, thank you* I’m pretty sure the role social media plays in our blogosphere and followership has been overemphasized enough so I’m […]

Cut outs X Liebster Award 

Hello ? Am I the only one who thinks the weather is under emotional stress, today it’s very hot and then it rains the next day. Reminds me of my kinda style. I don’t really fit into any particular style, I’m an all rounder. This month I’m into vintage, next month T shirts and blah […]

Lagos Bloggers Brunch X Saints Care Charity Cup

  *Dancing Shoki* I’m really excited about tomorrow, sad thing I have to split myself. The Lagos Bloggers Brunch is a meet and greet event hosted by one of my role models Dee Mako of when I started blogging I used to look up to her, I still do actually ; so this is a big […]