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My name is Tamunotonye Deborah Levy-Braide and I am The Black Writer.

I get compliments and questions on this name choice every single time I mention it. Everyone wants to know where I got the name from and why I chose it for my blog. Well, it’s actually not a very deep story like most people think. Anyways, I’ll let you be the judge. I was a young girl struggling in a fast-paced changing world. I battled with anger, inferiority complex, understanding my sexuality and basically just trying to fit in. I had a lot of friends around me but it seemed like I had no one; Writing became my best friend. I would literally write like I’m talking to a human or sometimes talk to my own image. It was somewhat therapeutic for me and became a part of my process. At every emotion, I would write and make videos. And in that process, I would get answers from that imaginary me. For some reason, the colour black really helped me. I was more confident and felt more like myself in that colour.

Black was that colour that reflected who I am.

When it felt like I was beginning to find myself, I started sharing my write-ups and struggles with people and realized I was not alone all along. Young people like me could relate to my works and it was a very fulfilling feeling. I thought of ways to share my experiences to a wider reach and said oh well, why not start a blog? I couldn’t think of a name better than The Black Writer, it was who I had become. I started the blog and the reception was amazing. At some point, I had let a lot of things choke me that I didn’t even have the time or rather feel the need to blog again. Of course, being the impulsive person that I am, I deleted it.

Let’s just say in February 2014, I had an encounter with the blogging God and decided to come back. It’s been a struggle since then, battling with inconsistency and procrastination. But now, when I remember why I chose to do this in the first place, I get all the motivation I need.
Stay true to why you started and always remember, It’s totally okay to start all over again!

So, best friend! (I just shared some deep things with you, It’s okay to call you that *smiles*) I know you enjoyed reading my short story, so go check out my blog → HERE, you’ll love it! Let’s see how much The Black Writer has grown.
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