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Tamunotonye Levy-Braide

I’m really excited that you are here, honestly, it means a lot to me.
The Black Writer is a lifestyle and self-expressive blog created by Tamunotonye Deborah Levy-Braide. My life is a constant learning & growing process and my blog is the medium through which I share this wonderful experience. I see myself as art with a purpose and I believe my life is a lesson to others. Through the Black Writer, I try to help people that may be in situations that I have scaled through or that are currently in the same phase as I am. I do this with so much love and passion because I care and I really want to make an impact in this sphere. Once again, I’m really happy to have you here and I hope my blog helps you either in your business, personal life, faith or life generally.

I’m a lover of life and all things beautiful so I write about different topics. I have put them in categories for easy navigation and understanding. Here are the categories explained.

Faith: For a long time I struggled with Christianity despite being born into a Christian home. My Christian race has not been the easiest but thankfully I have overcome a lot of hurdles. In this category, I share my journey and try to help other young Christians like me out there.

The Collective:​ I am a Content Creator and I’m basically learning on the job. No man is an island and content creating is not exactly easy peasy. Here, I try to teach the little I know and hope it sharpens someone else’s content skills.

Career and productivity: A lot of young people today battle with productivity and career. I was clueless before I finally figured out what I wanted to do. In this category, I’ll share career and productivity tips that have worked for me and basically just try to help everyone achieve their goals in the best possible way.

Lifestyle: I believe I was put here by my father to be a lesson to others. So in this lifestyle category, everything and just about anything that I know can help will be here. From skincare, outfits and basically just lifestyle tips and stories. Truth be told this blog is not just about fun for me, I actually want to help; so in every post that goes out, there’ll be something to learn.

Travel diaries: What you know, your ideas, your creativity, your expressions are all limited to your exposure. I love to travel and experience new places and people. Here, I’ll share my travel experiences, the fun part, bad part and tips to also help you out. You know I’ve got you covered.

Fiction: Really though, how interesting is it to live through characters? My answer, phenomenal! The Black Writer started out through storytelling. I really do love to tell stories. Here, you’ll find  fictional stories that you’ll relate to and probably learn from. Afterall, what is life without storytelling? A boring old place.

TBW diaries: I’m guessing you probably know at this point that I like to talk and share my life. So, yeah, this is my online diary. I contemplated calling it my ramblings but oh well “Diaries” just stuck. Enjoy!

Yay! You’ve read up on this point, THANK YOU. My blog means a lot to me, so considering most of my posts are based on personal experiences I will try to be as honest as I can. Want to go on this journey with me and learn as well? Please subscribe to my blog. You’ll receive my newsletters ( I promise not to spam). And be the first to get details of giveaways, free ebooks and lots more. Due to the fact that I am still working on my consistency, posting would be once a week i.e. on Mondays 11am Nigerian Time.
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