Blogger Rants|| Blog-o-lutions!

I have no idea how I come up with these names.

I have been blogging for two years now and trust me, it’s actually been a struggle. Sometimes I get really lazy or just fall out of line, other times I’m just involved in other things that take up my time; and because I’m not really good at time management which I think is really key, I find myself struggling and being overwhelmed all the time. I’ve read a lot of articles on staying consistent, healthy blogging behaviors to pick up and yada yada… but all that practically just falls on deaf ears, or no! unwilling and lazy reader. My blog has grown thanks to all of you that have stayed true to me despite all my flaws but I can’t help but feel I can do better or I should be doing better.

I started this blog as a way to reach out to people, help, give advice, review and share stories but honestly I feel like I’ve been deviating from the purpose. I can’t help but think that I am not staying true to myself and my blog and I just realized that this is why I have been struggling with blogging. To be very honest I just realized that while typing this post; the whole idea of this post was to introduce my struggles and tell you the plans I have to help my blogging and give details of the categories of the blog, but now all that doesn’t feel important anymore.

WOW, you have no idea how relieved I feel to finally have a glimpse of the root of my problems.

Now let’s divert from my original post idea a bit, we may still get back to that anyways. Yesterday in church while Pastor Bolaji was preaching I got a message; a lot of times when I’m going through situations I ask the wrong questions, oh who did it? Why now? Complain complain and blame. Hardly have I ever sat to wonder the cause of things, what caused it?, what led to this?, what made me do it and I think in blogging too we should want to know what! I know I’m not the only struggling blogger out there and I hope you read this and understand the revelation I just got. Like I said I have read a lot of tips on consistency and not until now did I just realize that there was actually a hidden problem – not staying true and not finding happiness- causing my inconsistency. You may have similar issues or something different, think about it, try to rectify it and stay true to your passion, find happiness and satisfaction in it.

Now there’s a problem, what should be the title of this post.

Ok back to the post that brought us here, my blog-o-lutions! ( kinda coined it from resolutions)

Since I started trying to pick up the minimalist lifestyle, I’ve been doing a lot of de-cluttering in my wardrobe, life and even my blog too. I honestly feel my blog is cluttered with some posts that could have done well as Instagram posts, IG is indeed growing and is a mini blog tool now especially with the multiple posting feature that has been added. I am not a fashion blogger, although The Black Writer is a personal blog and my style has to do with me, any fashion post I decide to put out there should be unique, maybe teaching something or referring you to somewhere or reviewing a brand. I probably wouldn’t delete old posts but I’m just going to make better posting decisions and I hope to serve you betterΒ  *shining my teeth* The Black Writer is growing and I just want to make sure the right image and brand is what everyone gets to see. Tell a friend to tell a friend to read my blog and please subscribe to my blog, big kisseeeesssss.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, feel free to hit me up if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer. And yes congrats to Efe, I really wanted him to win big brother, now I just hope doors open for him and the money doesn’t go to waste, it’s not always just about the hype.

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