Ships don’t sink because of the water around them. Ships sink because of the water that gets in them. Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.

We are in an era where social media has gained so much power. With social media, you can preach, pass powerful messages to a large crowd, make statements whether good or bad. You can make friends, find missing people, meet helpers, meet heartbreakers, meet husband’s blah blah blah this list could go on and on, hence the importance of this post. Social media is actually very important now and should be taken seriously.

As individuals, we are our own brands and whichever way you decide to portray your brand is how people will see it. The media is an avenue now to show yourself and the brand you have created, so I think it is best to pay good attention to it.

Social media purge is something I thought of a while ago, is basically cleaning your Instagram, twitter, facebook blah blah of things, posts or people that do not fit with the brand you are trying to create; and here’s why;

It takes away distraction and helps you focus better.

When I started my Instagram account I followed quite a number of people, celebrities, porn stars, gossip news and some other irrelevant accounts. I could spend hours on my timeline scrolling through all this and I would gain absolutely nothing from it, just time wasted. I would see some really lavish lifestyles and begin to feel bad, think of how to make more money; at this point is when the devil comes in to plant very stupid ideas in your head. To be honest I got really distracted from things I wanted to do and be in life. When I started my blog I just knew I needed a new Instagram because I wanted my blog to be different and on the new Instagram I followed just people that inspired me and were in the same creative circle with me. My plan was to delete my own personal Instagram and start all over but then my friend advised me to go through my followers and filter them; unfollow the people that make me uncomfortable and follow new people. He told me that I had built a brand for myself with a lot of followers so instead of just deleting them, pass a new message across to them. I believe this is something we should all do because now there are a lot of fake lives, fake people, and distractions. Unfollow people that make you uncomfortable and help you appreciate yourself less. Feed your mind with good inspiration so that it can grow.

It gives a clearer picture of the message you are trying to pass

Your brand should be you, your social media should speak before you, make it your workspace. I should be able to go on any of your accounts and it will back up the kind of person you claim to be. Earlier this year, I went through my Instagram and I just laughed at the rubbish I used to post, some really sexual captions I had and even some very ‘not so’ decent pictures; I had to delete them because it didn’t speak so well of the confident, happy, hardworking and God loving brand I was trying to build.  Social media is so serious now that some companies will even go through your various accounts before employing you, so my dear you need that social media purge ASAP.

 Ohk you should get the picture now! *tongues out*

Yup, I believe you get the point I’m trying to make, let’s begin to see ourselves as brands and not just people.  Word of advice; not everything on social media is real, so do not spend your time wishing and creating distractions for yourself. Drop that phone, hustle, slay and pray.


Have you actually tried doing the social media purge? But really what do you think about it? Please  Let me know if you are going to try it and tell me how it’s going to help your brand. The month has almost come to an end, hope everything is going fine and as planned. Thanks for always stopping by, I really appreciate the love.  



11 thoughts on “Why you NEED a SOCIAL MEDIA PURGE/DETOX

  1. Yea I did this on my personal page especially, but I just post on that whenever I just feel like dropping a picture of me. Social media purge is actually very important for everyone. Concentrating more on my blog page tho…because I just connect more with people I’m following.

  2. Dis z so true ??????? U’re so on point with dis post. When i joined fb, i was friends with everybody but recently i deleted my account cos i can’t deal, instagram too i deleted some posts, unfollowed some pple dat were more or less useless to me, followed d ryt pple too.

  3. Yeah I think social media detox is necessary at some point. It sends the message you want delivered to everyone who knows you, looks you up or follows you. Nice piece. Cheers

  4. To think I did this on instagram yesterday and plan on deleting my Facebook account today cause this thing is just junk (Full blown junk )

    Don’t worry, when I open a now account, I’ll send you a friend request

  5. I did a purge on my personal Instagram account and kept it private. It helps me keep tabs on who follows me there and say no to people I don’t know.
    However, something tragic happened that made me realize life is too short to not do the things you want to do, no matter how unimportant or irrelevant and I’ve decided to create a new faceper say for my blog’s Instagram account. Not sure when I will get to it but I mos def will.
    This post is the truth and you relayed it perfectly!

    1. That’s a good move. I don’t know what may have happened, but my approach to life is too short has changed. In the past, I made a lot of wrong decisions because Oh well life is short. But we need to learn the difference between enjoying our youth and making life destroying decisions. Thanks for stopping by and ye you will get to it, stay focused.!

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