PHC Bloggers x Creatives Hang Out Recap!



14 thoughts on “PHC Bloggers x Creatives Hang Out Recap!

  1. Lovely recap and thanks for giving us an insight into your conversation. The issues you guys discussed are key and quite common. I struggle with having an aesthetically pleasing fees at the sane time I’m also trying to pass a message that depicts my personality. It’s been a tough struggle but i hope to get the hang of it.
    I’m so glad you guys had fun. Making friends very key to the development and growth of one’s blog.
    My Style Look Book Series

    1. I know this struggle, just stay true to your style and personality. Don’t post what you can’t relate to and don’t post because others are posting. Post what you like and have fun while at it. Thanks for stopping by

  2. You got me salivating…, choi. Nice though. This isn’t my first time here, buh it my first time commenting. Found you through your feature on coilyheadofhair, and have been stucked, because of your realness. That blogger manner on social media is really an issue and annoying too, when u ask a question about something either on Instagram or their blog, some just find it hard to reply, and am like, if you are to busy, why don’t u find someone to reply messages for u, or stop blogging.
    Black writer, how far naaaa, I like that your neck piece ooo, ??.

  3. You got me salivating, choi, indeed sweet tooth.
    This isn’t my first time, but it’s my first time commenting, have been stucked on you since your feature on coilyheadofhair. And I commend you for your realness, you see ehn, you are right about the bloggers attitude, person will comment or ask a simple question either on their instagram page or blog, they just ignore, but you see them replying those people with large followership, it really annoying, I remember a popular hair blogger putting up a post, and I kept asking ‘what did you use, how did you achieve it?’, I even told her to do a post if she ain’t comfortable pouring out such information for free on IG, she simply ignored, and I quickly press d unfollow button, and stopped viewing her blog.

    There should be code of conduct for everything.
    Blackwriter, aw far naaaa??, I love this your neck piece ooo…??

    1. hahahahahahahah, sweet tooth indeed. we will all get better. you just inspired me now! yaaayyy, new blog post idea!got it from @shoplhurvedavies on IG and verrrryyy cheap!you should check her page out.

  4. Your photos are pretty awesome!
    I totally get the comment responding. When I check out Instagram I always think it’s great to interact. Sure not always but if you will answer one person then try to respond to others as well. But that happens a lot. One page gets a ton of questions and they only respond to a particular person’s question because said person has a huge following.
    I made a lot of blogger friends but we are all scattered around the world it would be expensive arranging a group meet up!
    I met up with two bloggers separately and it was so much fun.
    I lived in port Harcourt so it was fun reading your post!

    1. Thank you dear, hopefully our bloggers manners will improve. Hanging out with fellow bloggers is always fun you know, like minds. Thanks for reading

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